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​​​​​​​While every financially significant investment poses risks, the Los Angeles real estate market offers more opportunity than ever before. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a first-time home buyer, it’s important to educate yourself on the home buying process, and to understand the unique local market trends impacting your target neighborhoods. It’s also essential that you select a skilled and experience real estate advisor to help you navigate the process.

Buyer's Guide:

Our Los Angeles Home Buyers’ Guide provides an overview of essentials you need to understand in order to navigate Los Angeles’ real estate market. We break down for you how to best find a home, how to obtain a home mortgage loan, and how the escrow process works once you have an accepted offer.

The Escrow Process


Buyers & Sellers sign purchase agreement


Listing agent opens escrow


Buyer place deposit into escrow holder's account


Escrow holder order preliminary title report from title company


Escrow prepares instructions & documents


Escrow holder reviews preliminary title report


Request demands for payoff


Escrow reviews demands & documents


Buyer & Seller sign and return escrow instructions


Escrow forward "Statement of Identity" to title officer to clear title under general index


Escrow coordinates with Lender to fulfill all statuses and conditions


Loan approval is obtained; loan documents are ordered by Escrow


Escrow holder reviews file to ensure all conditions have been met. New home owner's insurance, HOA information, and data on liens are completed


Escrow receives loan documents


Buyer's loan documents are signed and returned to Escrow with remainder of funds


Escrow requests funds from lender


Escrow & Title company review title insurance requirements Escrow receives funds from lender


Deed is recorded, file is closed, funds are distributed to Seller

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